About Anna


Anna is currently studying a BA(hons) in Metalwork at UCA Farnham with the intention of setting up her own workshop when finishing and starting a bespoke metalwork business.

Anna works with metal to create a range of pieces inspired by nature such as seed pods, vines, trees, grass, earth, fire and patterns. She is fascinated with metal and how it
transforms from a cold, hard material into organic, free flowing forms bringing it to life. She mainly uses forging techniques to make unique functional items out of mild steel for the home and garden as well casting some pieces.

Recent work has drawn influence from long exposure photography used to capture the motion and patterns created by fire poi’s and using these images to influence and create designs for a collection of fire baskets. Anna is also developing on these pieces to make stools that interact with the fire baskets, encouraging that sense of community and the social interaction you get when people are drawn together around a fire.


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